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Want Nots 2008

Want Nots is the title of a solo exhibition of works I made while in residency at Recology. Also known as the “dump residency,” artists are given a studio and access to the public waste disposal area at the San Francisco transfer station.

Some of the work I made during this residency focused on pairing certain abundant materials with sculptural forms. Turnings Cube, Core Column, and Stoppages fit into this category. Whereas Sweeping (After Jo Hanson), Eightysixed Thirtythrees, and New Found Desire are more performative or ephemeral gestures. Bench Curl and Pruning & Painting subvert utilitarian objects while the untitled series of curve stitching pieces address the divide between images and objects.

In general I was interested in exploring material transformation, the tension between desirable and undesirable, and how my attention and energy mediated my relationship to the things I was working with. Though nearly all of the pieces I made are portable they are, for me, forever linked to the place of their making—a place of transience that is none-the-less specific in time.
Want Nots (exhibition overview)
Turnings Cube

Table legs, balusters; 29.5” x 28.25” x 28.25”
Turnings Cube (detail)
Bench Curl

Pictured here in the Recology sculpture garden. Redwood, hardware, house paint; 52.75” x 35.75” x 65.25”
Core Column

Construction materials, mattress springs, furniture foam, sod, casters; 69” x 30” dia.
Wood Rocks

Plywood, particle board, oriented strand board; variable dimensions
Wood Rocks (detail)
Untitled (Sandwich Board)

Plywood, pine, hardware; 24” x 33.5” x 26.75”
Grouping of curve stitching pieces Sets of Equal Chords (Mysterious Fruit).jpg
Untitled (Two Sets of Equal Chords)

Found photograph, hammock string. Parabolas (Right Angle)_dtl.jpg
Untitled (Opposing Parabolas) (detail)

Found game board, hammock string.
The Difference Between Here and There

Sample picture frame corners; 1.125” x 32.75” x 32.75”
Untitled (Epicycloid of Cremona)

Bicycle rim, chair.
Untitled (Epicycloid of Cremona) (detail)
Grouping of curve stitching pieces Mystic Rose (Western Sunset for Hilair).jpg
Untitled (Incomplete Mystic Rose)

Found image, hammock string; 24” x 18” x .75” Chords in a Square (Fragment).jpg
Untitled (Equal Chords in a Square)

Found plywood, hammock string.
Sweeping (After Jo Hanson)

Two framed photographs, 5 gallon water bottles, handmade broom, wood, hardware, sweepings; variable dimensions.

Glass bottles, redwood, Douglas fir; variable dimensions.
Pruining & Painting

Ladder, Camellia trimmings, house paint; 46” x 98” x 52”
Pruining & Painting (detail)
The Fall Collection

Aquarium, Camellia leaves, house paint; 36.25” x 12.5” x 18”
The Fall Collection (details) Rose (Natural Fiber)_02(sm).jpg
Untitled (Mystic Rose)

Woven bag, burlap, oak; 19.375” x 19.375” x .75” Rose (Natural Fiber)_01.jpg
Untitled (Mystic Rose) (detail)
Eighty-sixed Thirty-threes

DJ Performance; three wood boxes, vinyl records; variable duration.
Eighty-sixed Thirty-threes (detail)
New Found Desire

Found t-shirts, screen printing, plastic hangers; variable dimensions.